Fast courier services are essential to businesses in today’s world. Quicker parcel delivery is also preferred in day-to-day lives of common people. While vehicular transportation plays a certain role, to be able to manage operations of these deliveries, it is essential to run smooth and efficient Courier services. Our software will aid you in setting up operations and managing day-to-day affairs of handling your customers and their delivery needs in no time with cloud hosting.

About CourierWedge


  • Daily /Monthly Collection Report
  • Outstanding Collection Report
  • Monthly Payment Status
  • Areawise Collection Report
  • Vehicle Tracking Reports

Features of CourierWedge

  • Edit/Add new Customers and Maintain their details
  • Courier Booking with single and multiple parcels/documents for one customer
  • Barcode stickers with delivery address
  • SMS to Customers on parcel/document delivery
  • Print consolidated invoices and receipts
  • Maintain Vehicle fleet and driver details
  • Tracking of vehicles on delivery and pickup assignments
  • Record additional shipment charges & print receipts