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WedgeBIS is a simple-to-use software for Pharmacies and any other business, such as Auto parts, Furniture, Supermarket chains, etc. While the billing system operates locally in retail outlets, the warehouse and branch sales can be viewed and controlled by the parent company 24/7. Our effective architecture makes use of Cloud technology to enable the store owner to view his stock movement and sales at any given point of time.

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HMSWedge is an easy to use web-based, mobile friendly application which connects main hospitals with their satellite clinics. It covers the end-end workflow ending with billing for in-patient or out-patient. Focuses on digitising the entire EMR including in-patient charts, lab results and pharmacy. Insurance and integrated invoices are supported. Dashboard & extensive EMR based searches are provided.

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Video eLearning using short videos linked in the Textbook for Karnataka State Board and CBSE Syllabus from Class 8 to 10 - Science,Social and Maths.
Exam preparation workbooks from Rao's Academy for Class 8 to 10 - Science,Social and Maths.
Online chapter wise Assessments for self evaluation, rating and exam readiness.
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