WedgeBIS is a simple-to-use software for any retail business, single store or multiple stores owned by a single management, such as supermarket chains, auto parts, furniture outlets, pharmacies, opticals, stationery stores, etc. It helps the store owners track their sales and inventory from anywhere in the world.The billing system operates on a single computer (& on LAN) in retail outlets mostly without internet, except to synchronize between the warehouse and retail outlets. The synchronized data can then be viewed by the parent company 24/7. Our effective architecture makes use of Cloud technology to enable the store owner to view his stock movement and sales at any given point of time. Built-in analytics for your company’s statistics to be at your fingertips for decision making on buying stocks, fast moving goods, stock movement between branches and from warehouse to branch, drill-downs to watch daily sales product-wise, and more.

Our Extensive Feature set include

  • Purchase entries & product price regulation based on batch received date
  • Automated Order processing based on re-order levels & stock movement
  • Sales Invoices with discounts, free goods and taxes
  • Credit and Debit Notes
  • Bulk data upload for initial setup
  • Bulk stock update template for existing goods
  • Tax and Discount configuration
  • Handling free goods in sales invoices/stocks
  • ‘Branch to Branch’ & ‘Warehouse to branch' transfers and reports
  • Price management based on market price, margin and markup

  • Unique TPIN generation for each outlet. It's easy.
  • User configuration to provide view/edit access at various levels such as Admin, purchase manager, sales manager, sales representative, etc.
  • Extensive Analytics reports provided as a part of support services & include:
    • Sales/Stocks Report
    • Sales/Stock Value report (Branch-wise and at the Warehouse)
    • Expiry-based reports
    • Stock Aging reports
    • Supplier-based Price comparison
    • Stock movement report (Request and allocation)
    • Date/Duration based Invoice reports
    • Credit and Debit note based reports

    and many more!